Call for Participants: International Youth Leadership Conference 2016 in Dubai, UAE

Deadline: November 1, 2016

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Date: November 19 – 24, 2016.

The IYLC Dubai is a week-long experience aimed at achieving mutual understanding between participants from The United Arab Emirates, the GCC region and all corners of the globe. Participants will be given the opportunity to test their leadership skills, strengthen their cultural awareness, deliver speeches, draft resolutions and make executive decisions. Through this experience they will learn of the Arab world, Islam, Middle Eastern Cultures and the complexities of the world we live in.

The 9th International Youth Leadership Conference Dubai is NOW OPEN to applications from ambitious University students and graduates aged 18-26, from all over the world seeking to exchange diverse ideas and views concerning global challenges and the future of world leadership.

Applications will be processed on a weekly basis. Accepted participants will receive an electronic Acceptance Package, and are expected to confirm their attendance at their earliest convenience.


University students, graduates, University officials and young leaders working in Local and International Organizations.


Benefits The IYLC works on three key levels:

Interpersonal Dynamics of the group developing a group identity, learning to work with a diverse and international group of people.
Individual Development – challenging ideas, pervious conceptions, engaging with the realities of others, developing skills of leadership, communication, expression of arguments, cultural intelligence.
Intellectual Development – a pre-requisite of being able to work in the simulations is being able to hold an unwavering understanding of the workings and aims of these organisations. The simulation aims to add to that knowledge and test it in various situations whilst developing key transferable leadership skills.
The participants will also receive a Certification of Achievement from IYLC.

Admissions is now open for Preparing Global Leaders Academy 2016 in Jordan

Financial aid available

Deadline: October 15, 2016


The Muslim Jewish Conference is an annual week long gathering of over 150 young people from around the world, from Muslim, Jewish and other backgrounds. It is similar to OTI in that they facilitate learning discussions among participants from a wide spectrum of perspectives. I participated in this in 2015, in Germany. We broke out into workshops (conflict resolution, gender, art, etc.), watched films, and did many activities that challenged us, intellectually and emotionally. A great networking opportunity, and an unforgettable experience. When I went, they paid for everything but the airfare.

The World Forum for Democracy brings over 200 young leaders from around the world who are active in promoting democracy in their communities. For a week, we shared our projects with each other, debated the meaning of democracy, created art, interviewed people on the streets of France about what young people can do to make democracy work. We then went to the Council of Europe for a three day conference on democracy where we engaged with high level politicians, academics and creators of impressive and inspiring initiatives around the globe. I have made life long friends from this. The ideas I learned there have influenced my PhD work now. They cover all costs including airfare, lodging, and food.

The American Middle-East Network for Dialogue at Stanford (AMENDS) is a week long conference where about 20 inspiring young leaders from the Middle East and the US conjoin and discuss each others’ initiatives and programs. At the end, we gave a ‘TED talk’ style talk to the community. Great experience. Because of someone I met here, I was able to go to the World Forum for Democracy.


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