Dear OTI Alumni,

On this website, you will find opportunities (jobs, fellowships, conferences, internships, etc.) suitable for those interested in conflict studies, international relations, etc. I will simply post the opportunity or opportunities in a blog post as I find them on the internet or receive them from people. As a result, there won’t be much categorization or organization as to what posts contain jobs, fellowships, internships, conferences, etc. You will have to just browse through all of the blog posts in order to find what you like. The title of the blog post will have the date of when I posted in order to let you know that the deadlines for the applications are approaching.

There will be some categorization. I will post links to conferences in the ‘Conferences’ tab in the menu, links to fellowships in the ‘Fellowships’ tab in the menu, and so on. However, this will happen at a much slower pace, so, for example, do not expect to see all the conferences on this website in the ‘Conferences’ tab in the menu.

If you have any questions or would like to send me opportunities that you think would be suitable for OTI alumni, please email me.


Kevin Pham

OTI Alumni Coordinator